Tokaji Szamorodni sweet 2019 – 6 bottles

37.500 Ft

Grape varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű

Elegant sweet wine with lots of fruit. It tastes like dried apricots, honey and tropical fruits, creaminess and beautiful acids.

Tokaj owes its reputation to aszú wine, but szamorodni sweet was it’s most popular wine for centuries.

During the harvest botritised and stunted clusters were selected and soaked for 12 hours after berrying. After pressing, it was fermented in a 220-liter barrel from Zemplén and matured in it for a year.


Recommanded dish: duck liver pate with onion jam


alcohol: 11,5% v/v

acidity:   6,9 g/l

sugar:   149 g/l

sulfur:    0/89 mg/l

extract:    30,7 g/l