Tokaji Szamorodni 2016 dry – 6 bottles

33.000 Ft


Grape varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű

Szamorodni dry is the the classic Tokaj full-bodied, dry wine with the notes of the long maturattion in local oak barrel. Aromas of dried and candied fruits: apricots, figs, apples and pears In the mouth it reminds almonds and green walnuts, with strong salty, mineral notes at the end of the sip

The dry szamorodni is a real late harvest wine. In late October or early November, we select bunches that contain botrytis grains but the sugar content is not high enough to make sweet szamorodnit. After berrying, it was soaked for one day, then pressed and matured in barrels for three years.

Dish: rosé duck breast, pasta with wild mushrooms and toasted walnuts


alcohol: 14,77% V/V

acidity:                 6,8 g/L

sugar:                   3,3 g/L

sulfur:                   0/98 mg/L

extract:                28,9 g/L


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