Christmas wine selection


kacsacomb és Furmint-Hárs - 2 A

Karádi-Berger selection for the festive season

The winter holidays are all about the bigger family and friends coming together. Preparations, hospitality and cooking together. It’s a time for leisurely conversations, when we can meet up with friends not seen for a while. So we have created a 6-bottle wine selection from the lighter fruity wine, through full-bodied mineral rich to elegantly sweet…

Price of the selction:

22.000 HUF

19,800 HUF

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Furmint-Hárs 2013

Light and fruity with a slight carbonation, exciting minerality and salty finish. Recommended with: Trout in basil and sage with beetroot risotto and steamed sprouts


Palandor 2013

An elegant Furmint from Palandor vineyard: complex, taut, abundant fruit, and the quince notes we have come to expect from Palandor. Recommended with:

Duck and poached quince with Chinese broccoli



Palandor 2011

Lovely bottle notes, pear, quince, almond and minerality. This is an elegant dry white. Recommended with: Pork loin with fennel sauce. This Jamie Oliver based recipe is one of our favourites.

2013 karádi-berger karácsonyi fotó bor és kaja C


Dry Szamorodni 2010

Walnut, hazelnut, dried fruits and salty minerality in this full-bodied dry wine, a Tokaj speciality. With well-chosen dishes it makes a fantastic experience. Recommended with: duck or Coq au vin szamorodni. We took a recipe with Vin Jaune from the region of Jura and replaced the wine with our Szamordni which is made in a similar way. A special dish for a cosy winter evening. The recipe in English.


Winter wine 2011

Pineapple, mango and an angel’s kiss… LIght, late harvest sweet wine. Recommended with: Ginger and chilli squash soup.

chili és sütőtök
chili és sütőtök


Selectio 2009

Honey, dried fruits like apricot and fig, pineapple and eastern spices. Recommended with: Goose liver with onion jam and brioche


Discounts for the festive season

10% from 30,000 HUF

15% from 60,000 HUF

20 % from 120,000 HUF

The two discounts – festive selection and quantity – do not apply together.


Price list

Furmint-Hárs 2013 / dry

2.500 Ft

Narancsi 2013 / dry Furmint

3.500 Ft

Palandor 2013 / dry Furmint

3.500 Ft

Palandor 2011 / dry Furmint

4.000 Ft

Szamorodni 2010 / dry

4.500 Ft

Winter Wine 2011 / late harvest 54 g/l

2.500 Ft

Selectio 2009 / botrytis selection 74 g/l 0,5l

5.000 Ft

How to order
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Short deadline Budapest deliveries and orders outside Budapest are 2,500 HUF per box.

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Payment by transfer or cash on delivery.
Our bank account number: 11734169-20012742

The above conditions are for Christmas deliveries in Hugnary ordered by 18th December 2015.