Tokaji Aszú 2017

13.000 Ft

Grape varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű

Rich and charming aszú from the excellent year 2017. Rich, creamy, elegant, fruity aszú wine. Apricots and peaches, nice acidity, concentrated Aszú taste.

In the beautiful sunny autumn, the aszú berries, which were picked one by one, were soaked in fermenting wine for one day in mid-November, then pressed and filled into barrels. It was bottled after 18 months maturation.


Recommended dish: blue cheese


Alcohol: 11,93 %v/v

Sugar: 161 g/l

Acids: 7,45 g/l

Sulfur: 25/199 mg/l



Recommended dish: blue cheese


alcohol:               11,9% V/V

acifity:                  7,45 g/L

sugar:                   161 g/L

sulfur:                   25/199 mg/L

extract:                41,1 g/L